Our Boys

A white cat is sitting on the ground.

GC, BW, RW Miamber I'm It and a Bit


​CFA Grand Champion
Breed Winner & Regional Winner

​Australia Import (AU Grand Champion)
​​Seal Sepia Shaded Silver
November 26, 2018

A white cat laying on top of a blue blanket.

Miamber Icbergs Nimbus

​Imported From Australia
​Seal Sepia Shaded Silver Longhair
March 13, 2019

A cat sitting on top of the ground.

CH Cherry Silver Shay of Kasanovakatz
​(Photo as Kitten)

Imported From France
​Black Shaded Golden Shorthair
July 4, 2021

A cat sitting on its hind legs looking at the camera.

CH Kasanovakatz William

​(Photo as Kitten)
​Seal Sepia Shaded Golden Longhair
June 18, 2022

A white cat sitting on top of a blue surface.

CH, NW Kasanovakatz Jonah

CFA Grand Champion 2021
CFA National Winner 2022
​Seal Sepia Shaded Silver Longhair
December 16, 2020