​Adoption Information

November 2023

We currently have kittens (4 - 8 months), young adults (8 - 12 months) and adults (1 year +) available for adoption.

Several of the kittens and young adults were held back until maturity so we could make decisions of who to keep for our breeding program and genetics sharing with other breeders. Other adults used in the breeding program have made their contribution and are ready for their forever home.

Some of the available kittens are from “outcross” and first generation matings done to increase genetic diversity. The kittens with “non-Burmilla” colors are considered Asians, which is the “Burmilla parent group”. Burmillas are shaded, chinchilla silver or golden varieties, while Asians include ticked tabbies, solids and smokes.

All adopted kitties are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have 30 days of free, immediate health insurance through Trupanion.

We have a contract which includes health guarantees and spells out obligations for us and the adopter.

Our “adoption fees” vary, primarily by age. They also can vary by whether the kitty is a Burmilla or an Asian. This is because Asians are not yet accepted for showing in CFA or TICA.

  • Kittens are $1800 to $2000
  • Young adults are $800 to $1200
  • Adults are $350 to $500

We also offer “companion” adoptions for those who adopt multiple kitties.

Please complete the Adoption Form prior to contacting us.